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At the intersection of sales expertise and a keen understanding of the ever-evolving luxury real estate market, Haya Khattab stands out as a member of the Miami Lifestyle Team at OFFICIAL. Her journey in sales and real estate, spanning continents, epitomizes the exceptional talent that OFFICIAL embodies.


Haya's career trajectory includes a rapid ascent in multinational sales. Her leadership role in Beirut, followed by a prestigious management position in Paris, showcases her adaptability and skill in navigating diverse markets. These experiences have honed her ability to connect with a global clientele, a skill further enhanced by her fluency in English, French, Arabic, and Spanish.


Haya’s transition from commercial to residential real estate sales is fueled by an intimate understanding of client needs and a commitment to delivering unparalleled service. At OFFICIAL, she brings a unique perspective, blending international sales expertise with local insights to elevate the client experience beyond the transaction. Her blend of international experience, deep market knowledge, and personal charisma make her an asset to the Miami Lifestyle Team.


Outside the realm of real estate, Haya is passionate about culinary arts and wellness. She believes in the power of mindful living and the profound impact of healthy eating on overall well-being.

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