"More than 1,000 agents have raised their hands asking to join OFFICIAL since our launch. The process of assessing these agents was fascinating and drove the development of PRODIGY.

Together with our agent intelligence and analytics partner, Courted, we assessed thousands of agent data points and recognized patterns of success among the best. PRODIGY is the culmination of these efforts to partner with the most promising real estate talent in the world, present and future."


Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer

With the launch of

we are proving our DIFFERENCE



The first data-driven intelligence program able to identify an agent's potential to become the most successful in the world.




Our Approach

There are three key measures to be identified as a PRODIGY which guide all hiring decisions made by the firm to ensure OFFICIAL will always be the only real estate brokerage that top talent calls home.

An agent invited to join PRODIGY will receive an Agent Score, providing a measure of how their business is performing as compared with the most elite agents - past and present.

By definition, The Agent Score is a percentile ranking of an agent's business vs. their cohort against key business metrics including, Sales Volume, Growth, Churn, Tenure, Listing Count, Listing Accuracy, Listings above $5M, and more. 

Through the interview process with OFFICIAL’s founders, Prodigies will learn about the firm’s vision, the approach to strengthening their business, and best-practice playbooks for building a future proof luxury real estate career.

These conversations will also evaluate PRODIGY candidates on reputational excellence, portfolio performance, entrepeneurial drive, and enthusiasm for OFFICIAL.

Along with the Agent Score, an agent can view their full OFFICIAL Scouting Report which includes an in depth analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and an analysis of their business relative to their cohort and industry leaders.

Our Expertise

OFFICIAL Prodigies work closely with the founders and leadership team in a consultative manner on how to:

Opinion Piece


In this article Co-Founder Nicole Oge dives into the challenges facing the real estate industry and OFFICIAL's radical approach to redefining how the world thinks about real estate agents.

" My co-founders Tal and Oren Alexander are perhaps the most acute example of just how differently the premier agents in our business function and are perceived. Tal and Oren, the nation’s #1 Team in sales for the past four years, are amongst the most sought after, respected and trusted agents in the world. "

PRODIGY is by invitation only however we welcome opportunities to hear from you