Chad Oppenheim’s $33M Waterfront Stunner Hits the Miami Real Estate Market

Chad Oppenheim’s $33M Waterfront Stunner Hits the Miami Real Estate Market

  • Lux Exposé
  • 12/3/23

Miami’s real estate skyline has been graced with a true architectural gem as OFFICIAL’s Oren Alexander and Tal Alexander present Villa Allegra for a staggering $33 million. Nestled at 1500 W 23rd Street in Sunset Island III, this waterfront estate is curated by famous Miami-based architect Chad Oppenheim. Join us as we explore the transformative journey of a once-ordinary single-story ranch into a tropical modern masterpiece that stands as a testament to Oppenheim’s visionary prowess.

Villa Allegra Hits the Miami Real Estate Market
Image Credit: Karen Fuchs

What was once an ordinary single-story ranch has undergone a remarkable transformation at the hands of Chad Oppenheim. With meticulous attention to detail, the architect has added multiple interior and exterior rooms, resulting in a sprawling residence encompassing over 6,000 square feet of classic yet contemporary living space. The striking yet pared-back design is a fusion of tropical and modern aesthetics, making Villa Allegra a unique and visually stunning property.

Nestled in a lush garden of native vegetation, conceived by the renowned landscape architect Raymond Jungles, Villa Allegra offers its future buyer not just a home but a tranquil oasis. The carefully designed landscape ensures utmost privacy and tranquility, creating a serene environment for the residents to enjoy. The integration of nature into the living space provides a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors.

Image Credit: Karen Fuchs

Villa Allegra is an entertainment hub that has played host to celebrations for prestigious brands like Audi and Ferrari. The home’s versatility extends to the big screen, having made an appearance in the iconic Miami Vice movie. With grand living spaces and intimate alcoves, every corner reflects Oppenheim’s unique style that blurs the line between classical and contemporary, making it the perfect setting for both intimate gatherings and grand events.

Situated in Sunset Island III, Villa Allegra offers its residents the best of both worlds – ultimate privacy and proximity to Miami’s finest dining, shopping, and wellness studios. The location allows for convenient access to the vibrant lifestyle that Miami is renowned for, while the secluded nature of the estate ensures a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Image Credit: Karen Fuchs

For those with a passion for waterfront living, the property doesn’t disappoint. Multiple docks are available to accommodate water toys and yachts up to 75 feet, providing direct access to the beautiful waterways surrounding the property. This feature further enhances the luxurious lifestyle that Villa Allegra offers.


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