NYC penthouse by architect who designed Beyoncé’s new home asks $22M

NYC penthouse by architect who designed Beyoncé’s new home asks $22M

  • NY Post
  • 06/19/23

A one-of-a-kind Lenox Hill unit by the celebrity-beloved — and Pritzker Prize-winning — Japanese architect Tadao Ando has hit the market. 

The 150 E. 72nd St. apartment — in which everything from the staircase to the beds, cabinetry, elevator call button and automatic sliding glass entry door is custom-designed by Ando — is seeking $22 million. 

Tal Alexander of the real estate firm Official holds the listing. The Wall Street Journal first reported news on the offering. 

Ando, 81 — who also designed the Malibu home that Beyoncé and Jay-Z recently purchased — purposefully designed the modern Manhattan home to contrast with its 111-year-old building, its all-glass second-story pavilion quite distinct from the 12-story structure’s prewar facade. 

Art dealer Kazuhito Yoshii, for whom Ando sculpted the unit, described the resulting juxtaposition as being like “a grandparent holding a grandchild,” the Journal noted.

Yoshii has occupied the three-bedroom abode since 2017. 

A curved staircase leads up into the glass pavilion, and beyond it is a sprawling expanse of paved roof terrace, including the dome of the kitchen’s skylight. 

The main floor is a minimalist paradise, all its electrical outlets, light switches and door handles carefully hidden, its untreated plasterboard walls giving a seamless effect. 

In all, the property has a little over 2,500 square feet worth of living area.

The one-sentence listing simply describes the space as “A Tadao Ando masterpiece in New York City.” 

In 2015, Tadao made his New York design debut for a building with a glitzy Elizabeth Street condominium located downtown. 

Meanwhile, in California, Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped a record-breaking $200 million this May on Ando’s sprawling compound creation. 

Despite his widespread acclaim, internet denizens loudly expressed they weren’t fans of that Malibu mansion, one Twitter critic accusing it of having “All the charm of an empty Costco distribution center,” another comparing it to “a prison,” The Post previously reported.


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