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With a career rooted in precision and a discerning eye for the evolving landscapes of real estate, Michael Romanello is a formidable force as the Research Director at OFFICIAL. OFFICIAL has entrusted Michael with the pivotal task of providing the bedrock of reliable, accurate, and clean data. His adeptness in creating meticulous reports for developers throughout OFFICIAL's prime markets, with an acute focus on Miami, ensures that every decision is underpinned by unwavering precision.

Michael's journey in real estate began over two decades ago, where he carved his path at LNR Property LLC. For twelve years, he honed his skills as a Senior Analyst, mastering the art of research and financial analysis that would lay the foundation for his future successes. His contributions extended beyond data, as he immersed himself in understanding the intricacies of the market's pulse.

Venturing forward, Michael's ambitions led him to prestigious names like Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, Douglas Elliman Real Estate, and Compass. At each step, he ingrained himself as an Onsite Coordinator, Sales Associate, and Research Analyst. His journey wasn't just a progression of roles; it was an evolution of insights and a testament to his ability to harmonize accuracy and interpersonal connections.

OFFICIAL's commitment to transcending transactions to build lasting relationships is aligned with his own values. Beyond the meticulously curated data and market insights, Michael Romanello is a connoisseur of change, inspired by the ever-evolving nature of real estate. Witnessing projects transform from concept to reality exhilarates him.

Beyond his thriving career, Michael's life is enriched by his love for his three dogs and his support for animal welfare organizations, including the Humane Society of Miami and Four Paws. An aficionado of refined living, Michael finds solace in the elegant designs of homes and buildings that mirror the sophistication he brings to his work.

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